exercise essentials | indoor

Gym Essentials.jpgI’ve always hated going to the gym, but I love love love any sport that involves chasing a ball. I recently started playing squash (and before that volleyball and tennis), and I supplement my cardio workout with hatha yoga.

Here’s my (slightly monochromatic) exercise kit. It’s the only time I ever really wear black – and I’ve even thrown in a couple of *gasp* yellow accents to match my racquet. Yes. I’m that person.


Indoor Court Shoes | Non-marking, and great for lateral movement. These Slazenger ones are really cheap, but are very sturdy and comfortable.

Gym Bag | My Cartwheel bag by Canadian bag specialists Lug is the perfect gym bag. Shoe compartment, wet bag, slot of my racquet, ties for my yoga mat – the works!  I think this model has sold out, but the Propeller looks similar. These are the best quality bags I’ve come across. I use another style for my working gig bag which hold loads of heavy leads, strings, microphones, etc. and I’ve been using it about 4 nights a week for 3 years. It’s the only piece of my music kit that hasn’t fallen apart!

Squash Racquet | This is my first squash racquet . . . I’ll let you know how it goes!

Tank Top | I picked up this North Face top in a clearance sale, and I love it. It’s light striped heather grey on front, but black mesh on the back to match my shorts. Plus the curved hem is really nice and adds interest.

Hairbands|Mainly I have lots of fluffy baby hairs that end up in my eyes – but also because they match my squash racquet, obviously. :p

Sports Bra | Love these Berlei extra supportive non-wired bras, because bouncing is no fun at all. They’re kind of ugly . . . but the most comfortable and secure I’ve tried by far. Might give this crop top a go, too.

Water Bottle | My wonderful everyday Rosti Mepal Eclipse screw top bottle. Lightweight, easy to clean, sleek design. Comes in several colours, but naturally I went with white and grey!

Socks | These are tennis socks by Falke with extra padding around the ankles. I buy all my socks and tights from Falke, because quality over quantity, folks!

Towel | Quick dry microfibre. I actually got a two-pack of EcoDept towels, so I use the large one for camping/travelling, and the small one as a gym towel. They come in lots of colours.

Shorts | I find it hard to find nice women’s shorts that aren’t really, really short (hello, chub rub) but I don’t really like wearing yoga pants. These Asics running shorts are a little longer and really comfortable. I wish they came in navy or grey, though.

Yoga Mat | Just picked one up at TK Maxx so I can stretch out after squash!  I’m also really loving this Daily Yoga app at the moment, which is free to download.

Hoodie | This Columbia Outerspaced hoodie (out of stock) has a nice, fitted shape which I like. I prefer full zips, as well, so I can strip quickly during warm-up instead of getting a pullover stuck on my head.

I’m still searching for some nice, comfy joggers, but haven’t come across the perfect pair yet. I’ll let you know when I do!

What would you add/subtract to this list?

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