cold weather essentials

This week I’ve broken out a few of my cold-weather favourites!  Cooler temperatures and longer nights mean . . .

cold weather essentials-page-001

Hot Water Bottle | I picked up a natural sheepskin cover for my hot water bottle last winter at the Nuremberg Christmas markets. I didn’t have a water bottle growing up in snowy Newfoundland but I sure wish I had! I’m always cold, so my fuzzy bottle can be found under the bed covers, on the sofa, or in my sleeping bag when I’m camping.

Slippers |  My slippers have recently fallen apart and I have my eye on these Birkenstock felted house shoes in light grey or anthracite.

Candles | Lots and lots and lots of unscented white candles. As soon as they sky starts getting dusky I light candles – even when I’m home alone. The warm glow takes the place of a fireplace. They really up my flat’s coziness factor. I’m allergic to most scented candles so I usually use unscented and simmer leftover fruit peels and spices on the stove instead.

Cashmere Joggers | I will wear these every day until spring – around the house, to the grocery store – and anywhere else I think I can get away with it.

Puzzles | Puzzlebooks are great for whiling away hours on chilly nights. I keep these under my coffee table and often do a puzzle while I’m waiting for dinner to cook, or after I get home from work and need to wind down. Crosswords and codewords are my favourites!

Games | My friends and I love to stay in and play board games (my favourites are Scattegories, Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble) as well as dice (Yahtzee!) and card games. Loads of these can be played without much equipment and I’ll be doing a post about best “minimalist games” very soon!

Hot Spiced “Cider” | In a pot over low heat, combine apple/cranberry/orange juice (or very diluted apple juice if you find it a lot too sweet like me), cinnamon sticks, fruit pieces or peels (apples, oranges studded with cloves, pears, cranberries, whatever! Simmer for a little while to let the spices really infuse, and then serve in a beautiful mug. I’m allergic to scented candles and air fresheners, so I often keep a pot of this simmering on very low all evening so the flat smells heavenly.  I like having nice mugs since I will drink from them about 4-6 times minimum everyday throughout the colder months. Form and function, right?

Wool Socks | I have thick cozy socks for indoors, but outside the house I wear these Falke Softmerino ones which are  comfortable and warm without being bulky. Falke tights are also unbeatable for comfort and quality.

A Great Book | My Kindle is ready and loaded! Here’s what I’ve been reading lately. And here’s another article on why Whispersync (Kindle+Audible) is so great!

I can already think of lots of cozy, snuggly things that I’ve missed, so I’m sure a Part Two will follow! What are your cold weather essentials?



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