top 12 minimalist earrings + giveaway



I choose to work with unconventional materials because I like to question what “precious” really means. – Sarah, Saloukee Jewellery

For me, earrings are the perfect minimalist accessory because they don’t get in the way!

I almost never wear rings, necklaces, brooches or belts because they scratch my guitar, bang against my computer keyboard, or just hang in annoying places.

But earrings – earrings are perfect. They look cool, can really spice up an outfit, and don’t actually hinder me in any way.


Here are my guidelines when it comes to earrings. Pieces should:

  • Be light enough to wear all day long
  • Be able to transfer seamlessly from day into night
  • Be comfortable enough to sleep in (there are a few exceptions)
  • Pack away easily for travel
  • Be affordable enough to replace. If a piece of jewellery costs so much that I’m scared to leave the house for fear of losing it – it’s not worth the stress.

At the moment, my earring collection features 12 beautiful, minimalist pieces by 12 independent, female designers. These innovative makers use all kinds of interesting materials – cement, silver, paper, gold, clay, brass, and glass – to create stunning pieces that are simultaneously simple and interesting.

The great thing about earrings is that they take up so little space that you can own lots without making clutter. When it comes to the capsule wardrobe, accessories are king. So go on . . . treat yourself!


Tiny Arrow Studs | sterling silver | £20
Gemma at Darte Jewellery
Glasgow, Scotland



Darte Jewellery was set up in 2016. Gemma originally studied Textile Design at the Glasgow School of Art where she received a first class degree. Soon after, she fell in love with the process of working with metal and now specialises in simplistic, handcrafted pieces with a focus on clean lines and geometric shapes that are comfortable enough for everyday wear. I’m also coveting Gemma’s Hexagon Hoops and 3D Kite Studs.

Get FREE SHIPPING on all Darte Jewellery orders using the code LITESTYLE. Valid until 31 August.

Arc Threaders | 14k rose gold filled wire | £16
Sharon at Orchha Jewels
Nottinghamshire, England



Sharon cites nature as the driving force behind her recent collection, with designs that are simple and whimsical. Her threaders are light as a feather, understatedly elegant, and look modern and on-trend with a simple tee and jeans. Next on my Orcha hit list are Hamered Silver Hoops and these beeeeautiful tiny rose studs!

Get 15% off all Orchha Jewels orders with the code LITESTYLE15. Valid until 31st August.

Chain Maille Loops | oxidised silver | £26
Joanne at Joanne Thompson
Edinburgh, Scotland



The circle is the starting point for all of Joanne’s unique designs. Her pieces are inspired by ancient chain maille patterns, but are light, tactile, durable, and voluminous. She loves to experiment with the scale, weight, form, and texture of chains, and explores the ways that hard precious metals can be translated into soft forms which flow and stir with the body. I don’t usually wear things around my neck, but I have convinced myself that I will wear one of Joanne’s insanely intricate chain maille necklaces on my next album cover. Because seriously, how cool?

Get 20% off all orders with the code LITESTYLE. Valid until 31 August. Offer valid only on website, not Etsy shop.

Delicate Circle Studs | sterling silver | £12
Jayne at Maxwell Harrison
Sheffield, England



Jayne’s dainty circle studs are simple and contemporary, and they instantly update any outfit. These are one my favourite “travelling” earrings because they’re very comfortable to sleep in, and are versatile enough to wear with . . . well . . . everything in my suitcase. Sometimes I bring another pair, and sometimes I just stick these in my ears for a whole trip. How beautiful are her hexagonal jewellery dishes, by the way? I think I’m going to need some to hold my earring collection!

Get 10% off any Maxwell Harrison order with the code LITESTYLE. Valid until 30 September.

White Beaded Studs | plastic/glass beads | £14
Anna at Nicebead
Kiev, Ukraine



Anna’s bold designs are not for the faint hearted – her bright studs and bracelets might be described as tribal, ethnic, funky, and maximalist! So for those of you who are more into colour than monochrome, check out this zingy ombre rope bracelet, or her (slightly) subdued summer sea breeze bracelet which reminds me of a Rocket popsicle! My white and silver studs probably have the most minimalist design of any in her collection, but I could not resist them. They’re far more “pretty” than some of my clean, modern pieces, but I do love them.

Get 10% off all Nicebead orders with the code LITESTYLE. Valid until 31 October.

Big Brass Studs (taupe) | brass and crystal resin | £4-10
Lisa at NoDitto Design
Lichfield, England



Lisa is a prolific designer, and she prides herself in making no two identical pieces. She works with all kinds of materials – metals, paper, resin, beads, leather, and crystals. My taupe brass studs are light and fun to wear (but you can’t buy a pair because all of Lisa’s designs are unique). Instead, I’d recommend some fun brass confetti studs, or these more basic but colourful catseye studs – a great way of incorporating an accent colour (or two) into your jewellery collection. Or just speak to Lisa and have her create something special for you.

Get 25% off all NoDitto Design orders with the code PRDISCOUNT2017.

Two Tone Circles (grey/silver) | polymer clay | £8.50
Ray at Vaux St
London, England



Ray’s designs are simple, energetic and edgy. I opted for perhaps her most basic pair (grey and silver circles) but there is literally not one pair in her shop that I’m not coveting. I love how her black, pink, peach, and electric blue confetti studs combine crazy 80s-inspired colours/patterns with a simple circle shape. I would also suggest checking out her black and white graphic circles, and marble striped triangles.

Oxidised Rain Drops | silver | £21
Yanxia at Misluo
Edinburgh, Scotland



As a rule, I stick with silver, white gold, and very occasionally, rose gold (yellow gold looks too warm with my cool skintone) – but recently I’ve discovered oxidised silver, and I’m singing its praises. Yanxia’s RainDrops feature soft clean lines, and are inspired by nature, just like her moon phase studs. These mismatched studs are available in matte silver, matte brass, oxidised silver, and 9ct yellow gold. The set includes crescent, half, gibbous and full moon shapes. If Santa Claus is reading, I want these (in matte silver/bronze) in my Christmas stocking!


Get 10% off all Misluo orders with the code LITESTYLE. Valid until 31 August.

Chunky Round Studs | polymer clay | £5
Louise at BeadBoxJewellery
Romford, England



These simple bold studs are large enough to make a statement, but light enough to wear all day. Louise’s simple beads come in a plethora of bright, pastel, swirly, and metallic finishes, so they’re great for adding a serious pop of colour and energy to an outfit. You could even pick up a few pairs to match one of her statement necklaces or chokers. They’re just so much fun!

Get 10% off all orders over £10 from BeadBoxJewellery with the code LITESTYLE10; offer expires 31 August.

Satin Brushed Bars | silver | £20
Linda at Linda Tucker Jewellery
Brighton, England



These ridiculously versatile bars come in three sizes. I opted for medium (for added versatility!) and they sometimes stay in for days at a time. Linda’s simple, clean designs are delicate without being too “girly”, which I like. Also check out her hammered ear climbers and, (throw back to my 00s youth!) dainty toe rings.

Get 10% off all Linda Tucker Jewellery orders with the code LITESTYLE. Valid until 31 October.

Lasercut Paper Studs | paper | £65
Sarah at Saloukee
Shrewsbury, England



That’s right – paper. These show-stopping statement studs are like nothing you’ve seen before. They are hand folded and embossed using moisture-resistant paper and silver pins, and are far sturdier than they look! Sarah makes both stud and hanging variations in several beautiful colours, and while they are the only earrings in my collection that I cannot sleep in, I make an exception because they’re so freaking cool. In addition to paper, Sarah’s designs feature lots of cool natural materials like cotton, rocks, and driftwood (I will own these one day).

Konkreetne Studs | cement |€28
Kersti at Luik
Lasnamäe, Estonia



Two things you should know about these earrings: 1) they are made of cement; 2) they are ridiculously light. Like, really light. Kersti’s “drop” shapes come in neutral, bright, and pastel finishes as well as plain exposed and lacquered cement. I might have to go all the way back to Tallinn to pick up some of these geometric cement studs. I want them all. Luik is a very new start up, and at the moment you can only purchase their earrings from small third-party sellers: Try the Baltic Design Shop, Krunnipea, or the Eesti Rahva Museum.



We’re giving away a set of quirky mix-and-match Moon Phase Studs from Misluo Jewellery. This matte-silver set includes crescent, half, gibbous and full moon shapes and was featured on the front page of Etsy.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow/subscribe to blog; then
  2. Write “DONE” in the comments

The winner will be drawn and announced on 24 August.

Even if you’re not into earrings – someone you know (your mom? girlfriend? boyfriend? sister?) might appreciate a surprise in the post. Nothing to lose, folks!  Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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